Infrastructure Management Advisory Committee


To provide guidance to the City Manager and City Council from resident professional Engineers on matters concerning public works and infrastructure, capital improvement projects, and maintenance and preventative maintenance programs for streets, storm water drainage system, wastewater sewer system, public buildings, street right-of-ways, traffic control devices, trails, sidewalks, curbs and gutters. The Committee will also address other Engineering issues and provide guidance in implementing special projects, including the evaluation of technology to more effectively and efficiently manage infrastructure as assigned by the City manager and City Council.

Committee Members

The Committee consists of two (2) City Councilmember's (one being one of the two members currently on the Community Development & Public Safety Committee and the other being open to any Councilmember), City Manager, City Engineer, and five to seven (5-7) resident Engineer professionals. Committee Members themselves will elect the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Member Title
Term Start
Term End Email
Bill Kabbara
Resident Engineer Professional
 01/22/2019  01/31/2021
Leah Kabbara
Resident Engineer Professional
 01/22/2019  01/31/2021
Dave Moritz
Resident Engineer Professional
 01/22/2019  01/31/2021
Matt Ulukaya
Resident Engineer Professional
 01/22/2019  01/31/2021
Paige Lawrence
Resident Engineer Professional  01/23/2018  01/31/2020
Vacant Resident Engineer Professional
Resident Engineer Professional

Robert Collacott
City Council Representative
 01/22/2019 12/31/2019

Staff Representative: City Manager, Steve Franks 

City Engineer, Akram Hindiyeh


Length of Term

City Council Committee Members shall be appointed or removed by a majority vote of the City Council annually, based on the Mayor’s recommendation, which will be provided no less than 72 hours in advance of the meeting as part of the staff report. Five to seven resident Engineer professionals shall be appointed by the City Council for a term of two years on a staggered basis. Non-council committee members shall serve at the pleasure of the City Council, and may be removed at anytime by action of the City Council. 


Meetings will take place no more than six times a year, unless otherwise noted.