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The City Clerk is the local elections administrator and coordinates the conduct of local municipal elections with the County of Orange. This includes the preparation of necessary resolutions calling for General and Special Municipal Elections and declaring the result of election, the coordination of the candidate nomination process and the receipt and processing of initiative, referendum and recall petitions. Regular elections are consolidated with statewide elections, scheduled on the first Tuesday of November of even numbered years to fill expired City Council Terms. All election services are provided in accordance with the California Elections Code. 

In the City of Villa Park, City Council Members are elected at-large for a four year term. City Council Members serve staggered terms, which means that either 2 or 3 seats are open for election every two years. City Council Members do not receive compensation or health benefits. 

Becoming a Candidate

To qualify as a candidate for member of the City Council, you must reside in and be registered to vote within the jurisdiction at the time nomination papers are issued. In addition, you must be: 

  1. At least 18 years old; 
  2. A U.S. Citizen; 
  3. A resident of the City of Villa Park; and 
  4. Registered to vote in the City of Villa Park. 

Public Information and Access

Becoming a candidate for public office means that information about you will become a matter of public record. With a few exceptions, this includes any and all documents submitted to the City during the course of the election. Consequently, these documents must, by law, be available to the public for inspection and/or copying. 

All campaign statements filed pursuant to the Political Reform Act are public documents and must be available for public inspection and reproduction during regular business hours no later than the second business day after they were received.  

No conditions may be imposed on persons desiring to inspect or reproduce campaign statements, and no information or identification may be required from such persons. A filing officer should provide copies of statements for viewing purposes rather than the originals. An unredacted copy must be provided if requested.  

Copies, if requested, will provided at a charge not to exceed 10 cents per page. 

The data made available on the Internet shall not contain the street name and building number of the persons or entity representatives listed on the electronically filed forms or any bank account number required to be disclosed by the filer. 

Pre-Nomination Period Activities

Prior to soliciting or receiving any contributions related to candidacy, you must file a Statement of Intention with the City Clerk’s Office. There are additional filing requirements dependent on the amount of contributions anticipated to be received. Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (714) 998-1500 if you are planning on soliciting contributions prior to the official filing/nomination period. 

Filing Requirements and Nomination Period

In the City of Villa Park, there is no campaign filing fee for a candidate of municipal office. To become a candidate, you must first be issued a Nomination Petition which specifies the office you are seeking. You must obtain the signatures of at least 20 and not more than 30 registered voters within the City of Villa Park. Additionally, a number of other forms are required to be filed, including: 

  1. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement; and 
  2. Campaign Finance Disclosure Statements. 

All necessary forms are available in the City Clerk’s Office beginning Monday, July 18, 2016. The Nomination Period closes on Friday, August 12, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. 

Please contact the City Clerk’s Office at (714) 998-1500 to schedule an appointment for issuance of the Candidate Packet and Nomination Petition. Appointments are not required, but highly recommended.

Voter Services

Voter registration forms are available at all public libraries, post offices, and City Hall. In addition, you can register to vote online through the California Secretary of State website. For more information regarding voter registration, please visit the Orange County Registrar of Voters website.

Candidate’s Handbook

Receipt for Election Materials (required)
Receipt for Filed Materials (required)
Candidate’s Calendar (informational only)
Candidate’s Biographical Form (optional)
Declaration of Candidacy (required)
Nomination Paper (required)
Ballot Designation Worksheet (required)
Candidate Statement Information Sheet (required)
Candidate Statement of Qualifications (if applicable)
Regulations for Candidates Statements (informational only)
Candidate Statement Check payable to City of Villa Park for $525.00 (if applicable)
Code of Fair Campaign Practices (optional)
Election Day Poll Watching Guidelines (informational only)
Mass Mailing Information (informational only)
Temporary Sign Guidelines (informational only)
Filing Schedule for Candidates and Controlled Committees (informational only)
Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 (informational only)
Candidate Intention Statement – Form 501 (if applicable)
(Must be filed only if the candidate plans to raise or spend any money, including personal funds. If a candidate does not raise any money and personal funds are used only to pay filing or ballot statement fees, the candidate is not required to file the Form 501 )
Statement of Economic Interests – Form 700 (required)
Statement of Economic Interests – Reference Pamphlet (informational only)
Statement of Organization Recipient Committee – Form 410 (required if you will raise or spend more than $2,000)
Officeholder and Candidate Campaign Statement – Form 470 (required if you will not raise or spend more than $2,000)

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    Elected 87200

    This notice has been posted in accordance with California Government Code Section 87505.

    Filers The following public officials, specified in Government Code Section 87200 include Mayors, Councilmembers, City Attorneys, City Managers, Planning Commissioners, and persons who manage public investments, file Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700’s) with the City Clerk of the City of Villa Park.

    Statements of Economic Interests for certain state and local government agency elected officers are available in electronic format on the Fair Political Practices Commission’s website.

    In addition, copies of Statements of Economic Interests for these public officials, may be obtained by visiting the office of the Fair Political Practices Commission or Villa Park City Hall at:

    • Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) 428 J Street, Suite 620 Sacramento, CA 95814
    • Villa Park City Hall 17855 Santiago Boulevard Villa Park, CA 92861

    The following public officials, identified as Section 87200 filers, file Statements of Economic Interests (Form 700’s) with the City Clerk of the City of Villa Park:

    Robert Collacott
    Vince Rossini
    Mayor Pro Tem
    Diana Fascenelli Councilmember
    Bill Nelson
    Robbie Pitts
    Todd Litfin City Attorney
    Steve Franks
    City Manager
    Dennis Kuli City Treasurer