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Discovery Cube OC- Free Child Admission Coupon

Discovery Cube OC- Free Child Admission Coupon

Feb 19 2020

Our planet is calling on YOU to step up to the challenge! Discovery Cube and OC Waste and Recycling have partnered to bring an environmentally themed, eco-friendly exhibition to the Cube.

Master the skills of a green superhero by learning how to become an eco-friendly shopper and discover the importance of identifying and properly disposing of household hazardous waste. Then, get the dirt on trash and learn how to be wise about sorting trash. Eco Challenge gives superheroes of all ages the chance to make their own Earth-friendly choices... are you up to the challenge?
  1. Discovery Market: Grab your cart, aim your scanner and zoom through the aisles in this exciting grocery store game. Learn the importance of making earth-friendly choices when you shop.
  2. Race to Recycle: The first one to zero wins! Zero waste, that is. Race against your friends to sort recyclables and correctly divert trash from our landfills.
  3. Eco Garage: Can you identify hazardous materials in a garage? Grab a scanner and step inside the Eco Garage to identify as many household hazardous waste items as you can. Better hurry, time is running out!
    Discover Cube Orange County
    2500 N Main St
    Santa Ana, CA 92705

Please see the coupon below for free child admission.