The Administration Department is the central management office for the City of Villa Park. The activities of this department are directed by the City Manager. The City Manager is responsible for administering the programs and services provided by this department, as well as implementing the policies adopted by the City Council, and directing the work of all city staff.

Central management responsibilities provided within the Administration Department include preparation and submission of the annual city budget, and directing the provision of public works/engineering, planning, building, housing, economic development, finance, and human resources to the City. The Administration Department also provides staff support to the City Council, completes special projects, analyzes state and federal legislation, coordinates risk management services, coordinates the City's Cable Television channel, attends Committee meetings and promotes community events.

City Manager
Steve Franks

Senior Management Analyst
Alyssa Eazell

  Management Analyst 

  Management Assistant
  Ashlea Houston


17855 Santiago Boulevard
Villa Park, California 92861

Phone: (714) 998 – 1500
Fax: (714) 998 – 1508