Business License

Who needs a Business License?

Any individual, partnership, corporation or non-profit organization that wishes to conduct business within the City of Villa Park must obtain a Business License. Villa Park Municipal Code Section 8-1.3. “no person shall commence, transact or carry on any business, trade, profession, calling or occupation in the City without first having procured a license from the City so to do or without complying with all applicable provisions of this section.” 

Our Business License Portal is Now Available:

Submit an application for a new business license online. Please have all your contact and business information ready to enter, and fill in all fields applicable to not delay the approval of a business license. Once the application has been approved, a payment link will be sent to the email address provided. After payment is received the license will be issued. Click here to access the portal

If you wish to apply in person, our office hours are listed on our Contact Us page.

The application for a Business License must be completed in its entirety to be accepted. It is important to be specific in your business description, ownership information, and to provide a legible signature.

New Business License Fees

Each application for a new Business License must include an Administrative Fee of $49.00 + a State Fee of $4.00 + a License Tax of $50.00 + a 4% Technology Fee totaling $107. 

License Renewal

Renewal Notices are mailed in the month prior to the expiration month. You are given a 30-day grace period to renew. License tax amount for Retail Sales and Professional Businesses located within the City of Villa Park are based on gross receipts in arrears. Therefore, your renewal must indicate your business’s gross receipts for the last 12 months prior to the expiration date. 

For business license renewal, please click the link below and use the search bar to find your license. Once you have found your license click renew and follow the steps.

Click here to renew online.

Renewal Processing Fees

Each renewal will have a $49.00 Administrative Fee shown on the form. This amount needs to be added to the total tax and any other applicable fees due in order to renew your license. 

Penalties for Late Renewal

Late penalties are assessed at 10% per month. Failure to receive a renewal notice does not relieve the business owner of the responsibility for renewing the Business License. 

Termination of Business

Please contact the Business License Division should you terminate your business. 

State Law AB 1379

On October 11, 2017 Governor Brown signed into law AB-1379, which adds a State fee of $4 on every application or renewal of a business certificate (or equivalent instrument). This new law is effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2023. This law requires all cities and counties within California to collect the $4.00 State fee. 

The City of Villa Park’s initial Business License fee and Renewal fee (or equivalent instruments) must include the State fee. The bill primarily amends the procedures related to construction-related accessibility claims, and in some instances, reduces statutory penalties. The bill also provides for the development of educational resources for businesses in order to facilitate compliance with Federal and State disability laws. 

The new law requires that you to be notified of the following: 

Under Federal and State law, compliance with disability access laws is a serious and significant responsibility that applies to all California building owners and tenants with buildings open to the public. You may obtain information about your legal obligations and how to comply with disability access laws at the following agencies: 

The Division of the State Architect at 

The Department of Rehabilitation at 

The California Commission on Disability Access at 

To obtain a copy of the SB1186 mandate, go to