News and Announcements

Apr 19 2018
The McGowan family invites all Villa Park friends to attend the Celebration of Life Memorial Service for former Villa Park City Council Member and Mayor, Robert McGowan, on Sunday, May 6th at 2:00 PM at Fairhaven Memorial Services (27856 Center Drive, Mission Viejo, CA 92692). 


Fireworks Lottery Application Available Now!

Mar 30 2018

Is your organization interested in selling fireworks for this upcoming 4th of July? 

City Hall will be accepting applications until Monday, April 30th at 5:00 PM. Three (3) organizations will be chosen at random to operate the booths and sell fireworks. Click here for more information on selling and using fireworks or for the application.


Coyote Town Hall Recap

Mar 30 2018

Orange County Animal Care and the United States Fish & Wildlife, along with the City of Villa Park, hosted a Coyote Town Hall on March 29th to address the few sightings of coyotes in Villa Park recently. The Town Hall provided the opportunity to learn ways to protect yourself and your pets and deterrents to avoid negative encounters with coyotes and wildlife. If you were not able to attend or would like to review the information from the Town Hall, click below.


Sign-up for AlertOC Today!

Mar 23 2018

AlertOC is a mass notification system that Orange County uses to issue government-related messages to residents and businesses via e-mail and text messages. Only authorized officials are allowed access to send alerts pertaining to health, safety, or the welfare of a community that is being affected by a perceived, emerging, or imminent emergency event. There is also an option to subscribe to non-emergency messages from participating cities and agencies. Click here for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding AlertOC or here to sign up for AlertOC. 

Note: If you believe you have already signed up for AlertOC in the past, be sure to check your membership status. You may need to sign up for AlertOC again.


Boy Scout Troop 850 Needs Your Help

Mar 01 2018

Boy Scout Troop 850's brand new trailer was stolen with all of their camping gear, cooking gear, troop equipment and firewood along with their scoutmaster's truck that it was attached to. If you have items you would like to donate, please contact the Troop 850 Scoutmaster, Jim Gresham, at (714) 318-9160.They are also asking for donations of any amount to help replace their lost equipment. Please donate using the link below.


Protect Your Trees!

Feb 16 2018

There are new threats to trees in Southern California: Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer/Fusarium Dieback and Gold Spotted Oak Borer. These pests can only successfully infect the following trees:

  • Box Elder
  • California Sycamore
  • London Plane
  • Coast Live Oak
  • Avocado
  • White Alder
  • Japanese Maple
  • Liquidambard
  • Red Willow
  • Oak

The Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the University of California has provided ways of distinguishing the symptoms of infected trees. Click the link below for more information or visit Report suspected tree infestations in Orange County to

A New Pest Complex in Southern California


Senior Mobility Program

Feb 08 2018
The Senior Mobility Program provides door-to-door taxi services for eligible Villa Park residents to limited destinations. Participants must be at least 60 years of age. Qualified residents must apply and upon application approval, a Senior Mobility ID number will be issued to authorize program participation. This program operates twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days a week, including holidays. 

Click here for the program guidelines and more information. If you are interested in joining this program, you can apply online at the same link above or at City Hall.