Community Emergency Response Team


In California, local government is the first to respond to emergencies with additional personnel and equipment from neighboring cities and counties available to assist if needed. However, in a large-scale disaster, such as a damaging earthquake, flood or fire, emergency resources may not be immediately available. Additionally, public utilities services (gas, water, electricity, telephone) may not be available to residences or businesses for some period of time. 

Under these conditions, individuals, neighborhoods, businesses and schools may have to subsist on their own for 72 hours or more. CERT awareness and training will aid home and business preparation and provide you with the necessary and practical skills to help yourself, your family and your neighborhood until professional emergency personnel arrive and public utilities can be restored. 

Remember – Preparedness is Key to Survival!

CERT Awareness is an entry-level orientation of 6-8 hours duration, conducted on two successive weekends, offered periodically to all residents by the City of Villa Park. This awareness orientation will give you good advice on the advance preparation of your home or business to help mitigate the effects of a disaster condition. 

CERT Training is a more intensive 20-plus hour course approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which provides individuals with critical skills in emergency preparedness and response. As a member of an organized CERT Team, you will be able to respond to disasters as well as participate in drills and exercises in order to assist your friends and neighbors in a time of dire need.Subjects covered in these orientation and training sessions include Disaster Preparedness; CERT Organization; Fire Safety; Medical Operations; Search and Rescue; Disaster Psychology; Terrorism; National Incident Management System; and Disaster Simulation. 

In addition to assisting neighbors and supporting emergency responders during a disaster, the CERT program builds strong working relationships between the emergency responders and the people they serve. 

For more information on the Villa Park CERT Program, please contact Law Enforcement Advisory Committee Member, Tom Dodge, or call Villa Park City Hall at (714) 998-1500.