Housing Legislative Committee


The Housing Legislative Committee formerly known as the Community Development Committee (CDC) is charged with meeting City Staff to review the City's General Plan, Zoning Code, and Subdivision of Land Ordinance. Additionally, the Committee is charged with monitoring the operations of all agencies serving the City of Villa Park that relate to the safety and welfare of the general public. 

Committee Members

The Committee consists of two (2) City Councilmember’s.

Member Title  Term Start  Term End  Email 
Nicol Jones Member 1/31/2024 1/31/2025 njones@villapark.org
Crystal Miles Member 1/31/2024 1/31/2025 cmiles@villapark.org

Staff Representative:

City Planner, Raynald Pascua

City Engineer, Hamid Torkamanha

City Manager, Steve Franks

Length Of Term

City Council Committee members shall be appointed or removed by a majority vote of the City Council annually, based on the Mayor’s recommendation, which will be provided no less than 72 hours in advance of the meeting as part of the staff report. The voting members shall be appointed by the City Council for a term of two years on a staggered basis. 


 Meetings no more than six times a year, unless otherwise noted.