Zoning Code

The City of Villa Park regulates the size and location of residential development in order to keep buildings in proportion to the land area. Homes elsewhere frequently overwhelm the small lots on which they are built. With a minimum net lot area of 20,000 square feet throughout most of Villa Park, the City has a unique opportunity to keep residential development in proportion to the size of the land.

The City’s development standards were adopted by the City Council soon after the City was incorporated. They have helped to guide and preserve the attractiveness of Villa Park and uphold property values. The standards are fairly basic.

Property owners, architects and draftsmen should familiarize themselves with the City’s zoning code before planning a new development or home renovation. Often homeowners will envision a house plan without first familiarizing themselves with the City’s development standards. When the proposed plan is presented, it may not meet the City’s zoning requirements.

City staff is pleased to assist property owners in reviewing the City’s development standards. For information on particular contractors, the Contractor’s State Licensing Board provides free information for both homeowners and contractors on its Web site – www.cslb.ca.gov.

Click here to reference the Villa Park Municipal Code for zoning inquiries.