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Villa Park Marine Thanksgiving- Cancelled

Jul 20 2020
Villa Park Marine Thanksgiving- Cancelled

Camp Pendleton will NOT be allowing their Marines to be “adopted” this Thanksgiving nor are we allowed to bring them food.  However, they still need our help…

Since you will not be able to adopt a Marine this Thanksgiving perhaps you will consider donating to this cause instead.  Make an online donation directly to the Camp Pendleton ASYMCA at:  (please note this works on a desktop but not so great on a mobile phone or ipad)

Thank you in advance for supporting this cause and we will keep you posted if there is an opportunity to do more come the holidays.  We are saddened our normal event won’t happen this Thanksgiving but we can take satisfaction in knowing we are helping out our beloved Marines with school supplies.


Wildfire Preparedness

Jul 08 2020
Wildfire Preparedness

The height of wildfire season begins in mid-summer and runs through early autumn. During the weeks preceding this season, it is important for residents to educate themselves on how to best protect themselves, their homes, and their communities from the threat of wildfire. 

Depending on fire intensity, size and wind speed, embers can be carried more than a mile ahead of the fire. Consequently, homes located blocks away from the flame front are vulnerable to ignition and complete destruction. It's important to create a wildfire action plan now, long before a wildfire threatens your home. For more information on how to prepare for wildfire season, click here

High Mosquito Abundance Causes Concern in Orange County

Jun 16 2020
High Mosquito Abundance Causes Concern in Orange County

The Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District (OCMVCD) is observing an increase in mosquito activity in urban and coastal areas of the County and three surrounding counties (Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego) have detected West Nile virus in their mosquito samples. This early season virus activity in the region is concerning when coupled with high mosquito abundance. It is essential for all residents in Orange County to be active in eliminating mosquito breeding in and around their properties to help reduce the number of adult mosquitoes. 

Remember, mosquito control is a shared responsibility. Click here to learn how you can take charge of your yard.

Orange County Business Council COVID-19 Resource Guide

May 26 2020
Orange County Business Council COVID-19 Resource Guide

The Orange County Business Council (OCBC) released a list of COVID-19 resources available to the community. Click here to access the full, detailed list of available resources, which include: 

  • Free testing for essential workers
  • Food resources for families 
  • Food resources for seniors
  • Resources for children and families
  • Senior services
  • Mental health services
  • Veterans services
  • Childcare for first responders and essential workers
  • Pet food services
  • Giving back - donations
  • Volunteer opportunities

Please direct any questions to OCBC by phone at (949) 476 - 2242. 

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

May 13 2020
Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Dear Residents of Villa Park,

The City of Villa Park (City) has received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to prepare a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan, (LHMP). The City is in process of preparation of this plan with the assistance from its consultant Engineering Solutions Services.

This plan will identify the potential natural hazards impacting the city and how to mitigate these hazards and their impacts on the functions of the City and its residents.

Once approved by FEMA, the LHMP will allow the City to request funding from FEMA and the State of California to mitigate the effects of these natural Hazards.

Please, review the sections of the LHMP as they are created and posted on the City’s Website at: and click on the LHMP link and provide your comments to our consultant:

Gary Sturdivan - - Phone: 909-658-5974