Robert Pitts Bio

Councilman Robbie Pitts was elected to the Villa Park City Council in 2016, and again in 2020. He served as Mayor in 2020 and 2023.

Robbie represents Villa Park on the Orange County Library Advisory Board, Villa Park City School Advisory Committee, Villa Park Community Services Foundation and Friends of the Villa Park Library Board. 

By listening, Robbie learned people skills and decision making at a young age.  He grew up in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay. The eldest son in a family owned, seasonal business: planting and harvesting oysters in the winter and fishing boat rentals in the summer.  Constantly around people, at 12 he identified another demand from his family’s customers-crabs.  After obtaining permission from his grandfather, building his own traps (pots) and identifying the best location, he opened his own crabbing business on the Chesapeake Bay. 

Building on those basics, Robbie brings 30 years’ experience in Sales, Operations, Engineering and Administration to his service in this City.  He has experience leading global organizations such as AT&T successfully managing a $350M P&L for the Los Angeles area and more local organizations such as ambulance provider American Medical Response (AMR).  Robbie’s achievements include “Innovator of the Year” at AMR and he has been featured twice in the Sprint Annual Report for his ability to get things done.  He continues to receive endorsements from business leaders and customers. 

Since coming to Villa Park, Robbie and his wife Elizabeth have immersed themselves into their community. Elizabeth is a Past President of the Women’s League and currently on the Advisory Board.  They have been actively involved in supporting Villa Park through the Technology Committee, Villa Park Community Services Foundation, Villa Park Rotary, Junior Paramedic program, Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center, Sons of the American Legion Squad 291 and the North American Foundation for the Cure of Diabetes to name a few. They have taken a trophy in 6 Boat Parades and for several years furnished a fully staffed and operational ambulance through Robbie’s affiliation with AMR to the Villa Park Halloween celebration. The purpose of the paramedics visit was to expose children to the life saving aspects of the ambulance and help allay their fears.

Robbie is currently the Director of Business Operations for On Target. On Target provides technology solutions to help large and small businesses improve their bottom line through technology-based operational solutions.

Robbie and Elizabeth have two sons, two daughters and four grandchildren-the oldest of which is currently serving in United States Navy as a Master at Arms.