The Finance Department plans, directs, and coordinates the fiscal affairs of the City in accordance with specific objectives established by legal and professional standards. It provides for the maintenance of the City’s financial records, develops related systems, and provides management with information necessary for sound fiscal decisions. This includes appropriation control, cost and revenue accounting, accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable, and business licensing. The Finance Department is also responsible for investing and safeguarding the City’s cash in accordance with City Council investment policies.


The City Treasurer provides investment management of all City funds, including pooled funds, bond reserve investments and trust funds. Investments are consistently reviewed for compliance with the City’s approved Investment Policy.

The City of Villa Park Investment Policy


This policy is intended to provide guidelines for the prudent investment of the City’s cash balances, and outline the policies to assist maximizing the efficiency of the City’s cash management system while meeting the daily cash flow demands of the City.


The investment practices and policies of the City of Villa Park are based upon state law and prudent money management. The primary goals of these practices are:

  • To assure compliance with all Federal, State, and local laws governing the investment of public funds under the control of the City Treasurer.
  • To protect the principal moneys entrusted to this office.
  • Achieve a reasonable rate of return within the parameters of prudent risk management while minimizing the potential for capital losses arising from market changes or issuer default.

Click here to view FY 2024-25 Digital Budget Book

City Treasurer
William Underwood 

Finance Director
Lee Siow

17855 Santiago Boulevard
Villa Park, California 92861 

Phone: (714) 998 – 1500
Fax: (714) 998 – 1508

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