Investment Advisory Committee


Per the City’s Investment Policy, the City is required to have an Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) charged with the responsibility to offer advice with respect to the City’s investments and the investment portfolio strategy. 

Committee Members

The Committee consists of two (2) City Councilmember’s (the members that hold the position on the Budget and Finance Committee), and up to seven (7) voting members. Committee Members themselves will elect the Chair and Vice-Chair of the IAC. Non-council committee members shall serve at the pleasure of the City Council, and may be removed at anytime by action of the City Council.

Member Title
Term Start
Term End
William Underwood Chair 01/31/2019 01/31/2021
Dr. Lynne Doti
Vice Chair
01/31/2020 01/31/2022
Harold Hewitt Member
01/31/2019 01/31/2021
Joe McCarthy Member 01/31/2020 01/31/2022
Brad Reese Member
01/31/2020 01/31/2022

City Treasurer: John Bogart

Staff Representative: Finance Director, Jim Gorzo

Length of Term

The voting members shall be appointed by the City Council for a term of two years on a staggered basis. 


 Meetings no more than six times a year, unless otherwise noted.