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Coyotes in the Community

Coyotes in the Community

Feb 03 2020

Residents may begin to notice an increase in coyote presence as the coyote mating season starts in late January through February and with pups born between March and April. Coyotes can be aggressive and protective during mating or when protecting their litter of pups. As we approach the Spring season, water and food sources become more readily available to coyotes and wildlife in general, as well as the extensive growth of vegetation which provides ideal conditions for a coyote den. 

 Please click here to go to OC Animal Care's website to report coyote sightings, to see where there have been coyote sightings within your neighborhood, and for information on reporting aggressive coyote behavior.

For information about:

  • Coyote Identification and Behavior
  • Why are coyotes in my neighborhood?
  • What can you do?
  • What does OC Animal Care recommend?
  • When do you call?

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